Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Slime Climb is A Simple, Yet Irresistibly Fun Arcader

What is Slime Climb?

Slime Climb is an android endless climber game in which you control slimes who need to avoid the rising water. Featuring global leaderboards, cool items, and booster shop and fun gameplay, Slime Climb is one of the best new android games that can surely offer you entertainment in your leisure time.

Why we loved it?

▪️ endless climbing slime game
▪️ simple drag to jump & fly hop controls
▪️ collect coins to unlock characters & buy upgrades
▪️ upgrades: score multiplier, score booster, magnet duration, coin spawner, diamond spawner, wall jump recovery
▪️ high score system with a global leaderboard

Uniqueness: High

Fun of play: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Average rating: 5.0

Compatibility: Android 6.0 and up

Developer: Swepp Games

Google Play Download Link: Slime Climb

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner is a Helpful Tool for Whatsapp Users

Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging application in the world. But it lacks some basic features which the daily whatsapp users badly need. The tool we will talk about today - Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner enables 2 of the most needed features for whatsapp users. Let’s see how you can make use of it.

Basic intro

This simple whatsapp help tool will easily allow you to add multiple accounts or use whatsapp on multiple devices, as well as help you save statuses.

Save Statuses or Use Whtasapp on Web

Unlike similar apps we reviewed before, this app is very simple. Sol to do so you need to scan the QR code on the devices you want to use it. This opens tons of uses for whatsapp, including usage on web and usage to control your kids daily messaging.

Since Whatsapp doesn’t provide the functionality of saving statuses, you can use this app to get any image or video status on your phone. Again, the simple UI will allow you to do it in seconds, and you can view or use the statuses anytime you want.

If you found this tool handy, you may try it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner

Monday, October 14, 2019

Create Custom Stickers or Choose from 1000+ Stickers with StackStore – the New Android Wasticker App

Whatsapp stickers are a way of communication. There is so much you can say by using 1 simple sticker. It’s a great reaction tool too. However, there are numerous sticker apps to choose from, many of them may lose your time and offer you low-quality stickers. That’s why today we will talk about a wasticker app that offers tons of high-quality sticker packs and the ability to create your own stickers. We are talking about StackStore.

StackStore Intro

StackStore is a new Android app in the wasticker apps niche. It offers users a large selection of sticker packs in different categories and serves as a sticker creator tool.

Large selection of great stickers

The simple and intuitive main menu will guide you to the huge collection of StackStore’s unique stickers. There is something for everyone, and for different chat types. For example, you can find romantic sticker packs to use them with your partner or funny stickers to use them with your friends.
Once you find a specific sticker pack you like, you can add it with a simple tap. And if a friend or family member asks for the stickers, you can share them from the app so they can use them too.

Personal sticker creator

If you are all about creating your own stickers with you and friends/family/partner, you can use StackStore’s custom sticker creator tool. Simply add any desired photo and use the basic tools this app offers you. Then you can again add the sticker simply to your whatsapp account.
Try it for free on Google Play if you use Whatsapp as your social media and messaging app.

Google Play Download Link: StackStore

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

LinQRS – Connect with Local Insurance Agents

When you buy insurance, you need to make a smart choice. You need to find an insurance professional summarizing your options for you and helping you make sense of it all. How can you connect with local insurance agents to insure pretty much anything from auto insurance to health insurance? It’s complicated, so for that reason, we offer you this one of a kind app called LinQRS.

Finding a great insurance agent is easy with LinQRS

This app will connect you with the best local insurance agents. LinQRS makes it very simple to connect with the right agents, regardless of your need to insure your auto, home, pet, life, boat, business or health. How does it work? First, we send information to our network of agents. The first agents that are available will contact you through the app. It’s very simple, easy and efficient. With this, LinQRS will save you a lot of time and money.

Pick the right agents and relax

Once you are satisfied with your insurance you can stop all the sales calls from other agents (you can ask for agents again at any time too). Your contact information is protected.  So, you just pick the one you are interested and relax. The agents will do the rest.
At the end of the day, if you need insurance agents, download the LinQRS app now. Currently, it only works for Nevada, but the app is growing and soon it will be available for more states.

 Google Store Download Link: LinQRS

App Store Download Link: LinQRS

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Enjoy a Real Reaction Arcade Puzzle in Amazing Endless Walls

What is Amazing Endless Walls?

Amazing Endless Walls is an iOS & Android 3D arcade puzzle game that can offer tons of fun challenges because of its original gameplay. Namely you are controlling a block of dices which you need to navigate so they can pass through the upcoming wall blocks. How long can you go?

Standout Features:

Ø Real challenging game
Ø High graphics
Ø 3D design
Ø Easy to understand and play
Ø Option to continue the game
Ø Get reward coins
Ø Free puzzle game
Ø Easy dice rolling game
Ø Save the dice and Enjoy unlimited gameplay

Gameplay quality: High

Graphics quality: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Average rating: 4.7

Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or later; Android 4.1 and up

Developer: Omar Alyafi

App Store Download Link: Amazing Endless Walls

Google Play Download Link: Amazing Endless Walls

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Embrace the Concept of Journaling & Digital Memory Keeping while Guiding Your Kids with LegacyofLove Parent Journal

As a parent, with the right journal app, you can make a journal or diary entry all about your kids memories and development by adding images, video and audio files. LegacyofLove Parent Journal offers that, and much more. Let’s see what it is all about.

Advanced journaling and memory keeping

LegacyofLove Parent Journal is an iOS & Android app specially designed for parents or grandparents to capture memories, leave lessons, and save moments and milestones. The ability to share each kids journal makes the app even more useful.

Unique features

- You can easily add entries and memories like record interviews, audio notes, videos, save photos, and other milestones
- You can add other family members so they can view the content for your child
- One of the most entertaining features on the other side is the Auto Age Calculation – on every entry this feature automatically calculates your age and the age of your child.

The concept of legacy
The fact that the app lets you leave lectures, record interviews and moments with your kid to look back and use together, adds an interesting dimension to the app turning it into a place for keeping legacy and enhancing the meaning of family.

Google Play Download Link: LegacyofLove Parent Journal

App Store Download Link: LegacyofLove Parent Journal

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Stay Up To Date with Detailed Football News, Info & Statistics with Futbol Now

What is Futbol Now?

Futbol Now is an iOS and Android stats and football news app featuring 500+ leagues and teams and detailed stats, information, betting odds and upcoming schedules for practically any football game in the world. Super handy app for football fans and users that bet on football games.

Standout Features:

- Over 500 football leagues and teams included
- Scores and Detailed Game Breakdowns
- Game, Team, and Player Stats
- Detailed Stat Breakdowns by Game and Season over Season
- Extensive Odds Information from over 40 Bookmakers
- Detailed Analytics/Charting
- Team in Season Side by Side Comparisons
- Historic Compares of Past Matchups
- Soccer News Feed
- League Level Games/Standings/Videos/Leaderboards

Uniqueness: High

Potential of going viral: High

Compatibility: IOS 10.3 or later ; Android 4.2 and up

Website: Futbol Now

App Store Download Link: Futbol Now

Google Play Download Link: Futbol Now