Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Find Stats of Your Favorite Hockey Team and Players with Center Ice Lineups

What is Center Ice Lineups?
A hockey stats app for you to find all the hockey stats you need for your favorite NHL team, players and hockey games.

Standout Features:
· Easy to use and user-friendly hockey app

· Discover player stats for any NHL team

· Just choose the team in Team Lineups

· Get info about hockey players

· Look at player’s position and the amount of goals they have

· Click any NHL team and get daily NHL Team Lineups

· Get daily hockey schedules about your favorite NHL team

· Add your fantasy hockey team

· Pick players based on their statistics

· Enhance your hockey experience

· Totally free hockey stats app

Uniqueness: High

Requires: Android 4.0 and up

Google Play Download Link: Center Ice Lineups

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

BULK - Access to Workouts & Recipes to Gain Healthy Weight & Muscles

What is BULK?

  • BULK is your al personal trainer that teaches you how to gain healthy weight and build muscles.

Standout Features:

·         Gain a healthy weight and build muscles
·         Keep track of your weight and log your calories
·         Improve your routine in and out of the gym
·         Get access to tons of workouts and recipes at your fingertips
·         Tailored workout programs
·         Customized meal plans
·         Keep track with your body progression
·         Integrate it with Wear OS and Google Fit
·         Free for download

Uniqueness: High

iOS version: 11.2 or later

Android version: Varies with device

Official Website: BULK

App Store Download Link: BULK

Google Play Download Link: BULK

Places Explorer - Get Access to Millions of Places Worldwide when Travelling

What is Places Explorer?

  • Places Explorer is an awesome travel app for easily and quickly finding places nearby, discovering routes for your destination, checking reviews and weather forecast.

Standout Features:

·         Quickly and easily find nearby places
·         Easy to use interface to find all places nearby within a few seconds
·         Check the reviews and pictures of the place
·         Check the weather forecast of any city
·         Find the best route to your destination easily
·         Detailed info about the estimate duration to reach your destination, the distance and other
·         Estimation for the cost of fuel for a trip
·         Easily hire a taxi cab on our app to reach your destination as fast as possible
·         Use the AR navigation system to navigate over places
·         Real-time instructions and road signs
·         Free for download

Uniqueness: High

Requires: Android 4.0.3 and up

Google Play Download Link: Places Explorer

Monday, February 18, 2019

Bunny Puzzle - Tap the Tiles & Turn the Pieces to Solve the Picture Puzzle

What is Bunny Puzzle?

  • Bunny Puzzle is a crazy addictive puzzle game where you need to turn all puzzle pieces correctly to solve the picture.

Standout Features:

·         An addictive game that is perfect for in-between games
·         Suitable for adults as well as children
·         New levels are constantly being added
·         Contact the fan-page, so that your rabbit also lands in the game
·         Completely playable without an Internet
·         Available in German and English
·         The field consists of 4x4 fields
·         By tapping on the individual fields, the field is rotated by 90 degrees
·         The game is finished as soon as all parts are turned correctly and the picture is solved
·         Free for download

Uniqueness: High

Requires: Android 4.1 and up

Google Play Download Link: Bunny Puzzle

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Provide Your Dog with Professional Grooming Services at Home with Groomit In

What is Groomit In?

  • Groomit In is an incredible cross-platform lifestyle app that provides you with an array of grooming services for your dog at an affordable price.

Standout Features:

·         Convenient, top-notch grooming services
·         Service available in multiple U.S cities
·         Highly trained and fully insured groomers with professional experience
·         Styling all breeds
·         An array of services at an affordable price
·         Premium Pet Insurance for every appointment and 24/7 customer service
·         Create your dog’s profile, select and request a preferred grooming package
·         Get matched with professional groomers in your area
·         Pay securely through the app
·         Customize your dog’s grooming experience
·         Free for download

Uniqueness: High

iOS version: 9.0 or later

Android version: 4.1 and up

App Store Download Link: Groomit In

Google Play Download Link: Groomit In

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Exchange Rates – Offline Rate Conversion App That We Must have it

What is Exchange Rates App?

Exchange Rates – Offline Rate Conversion App is a simple, easy and highly practical currency calculator that will do the job in anytime or at any place in the world. We can guarantee that the app is issue free, because contains universally approved exchange rates and also is constantly updated and refreshed at your speculated time when you want to check for live rates.

Standout Features:
✔️ Easy to use and highly helpful
✔️ Get information on all the world’s currencies
✔️ Reliable, updated, live exchange rates
✔️ Stores the last updated exchange rates
✔️ Currency calculator using a standard converter
✔️ Universally accepted exchange rates
✔️ Refreshed at your speculated time for live rates
✔️ FREE to use currency app

Uniqueness: Medium

Potential of going viral: High

Requires: Android 4.0 and up

Google Play Download Link: Exchange Rates - Offline Rate Conversion

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Make Informed Food Choices to Stay Healthy with BcLapp

What is BcLapp?

Standout Features:

  • Helps to stay healthy
  • Make informed choices for products and recipes
  • Search based on ingredients, nutrients and allergies
  • Store and share lists, loyalty cards, receipts and more
  • Get notifications before expiry dates
  • Automatically identify the best photo and print it
  • Find out about the best practices for food storage
  • Scan labels
  • Free for download 
  • US Only

Uniqueness: High 

Potential of going viral: High

iOS version: 11.0 or later

Android version: 5.0 and up

Official Website: BcLapp

App Store Download Link: BcLapp

Google Play Download Link: BcLapp