Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wallr - Countless beautiull, nicely selected and organized wallpapers for iOS

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S can look even better if we customize them with beautiful wallpapers. On the other hand, when we put beautiful wallpaper that we like, not only that it makes us feel good, it also can drive us into a better move and motivate us to do better in the day. That is why today we will present you one neat, fast and beautiful wallpaper app for iOS devices called Wallr.

Wallpaper app for iPhones and iPads

We have used hundreds of wallpaper apps for the iOS platform. What we appreciate, and what any other user will probably appreciate, is when these apps don't drain the battery and don't show too many distructive apps while searching for the best and most preferable wallpaper. Wallr offers that, it is clean, beautiful, neatly organized and it will show you great categories that you can browse according to your preference. You can easily search and find apps by keywords.

Community driven wallpaper app

The cool thing is that Wallr acts like a community as well. So, users can select and upload wallpapers. You can even follow the users that upload wallpapers that you like. In that way, their new upload can be your next wallpaper. Each time they upload new wallpaper, you will get a notification.

That makes Wallr cool, useful and neat wallpaper app that is community and user driven. Wallr is just a highly functional and fast platform that enables users to upload and download great wallpapers. The fact that it is perfectly optimized for the iOS 9 and requires only iOS 7.1 to run is amazing as well. It is totally free and available on the App Store.

Who created Wallr?

Wallr is created by Floob Labs, aspiring developer who also created some other apps and games, most notably the popular game Fly Your Face.