Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Job Tracker Pro - Excellent Software Solution for Maintance and Service companies

What is Job Tracker Pro?

Software that helps business to manage their jobs, pprojects, orders, quotations and assign them to employees easily.

Standout features

- creation of quotations, estimates, jobs, purchase orders and invoices. 

- easy sending of those documents to your field engineers, customers and accounts department. - easy to use drag and drop filing system which enables you to keep all documents, purchase orders linked with the correct Job or quotations

- ability to send emails or sms to your field engineers, provide them with details of the job, appropriate documentation and relevant information

- creation of professional documents that automatically populate with relevant job information

- creation of unique documents and templates

Uniqueness: Medium

Potential of going viral: Medium

OS: Windows

Download Link: Job Tracker Pro