Monday, July 11, 2016

Follow All News on your iPhone with Brief

What is Brief?

Brief is a new app that is one of the best for following the latest news on your iPhone or Apple watch.

Standout features

There are several top-notch features that are worth mentioning. Simply, the app is created by real pros and dedicated professionals. You can see the stand out features bellow:

• Top stories: Global headlines and breaking news.
• Award-winning journalists: Powered by 1,575 journalists in over 150 countries.
• Up-to-date: Updated 24/7.
• Breaking news notifications: Be the first to know of breaking news.
• Morning briefing: Be informed for the day ahead.
• Apple Watch support: Read the news on your wrist.

Uniqueness: Medium

Potential of going viral: High

iOS version: 8.0 or higher

App Store Download Link: Brief