Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mustard - Get Together

What is Mustard?

It is a free cross-platform app that lets you create events with a time and location and then invite friends, and perfect for users that want to know their friends' location when they're late on a meet-up.

Standout features

  • Easy to use, with smooth and clean user interface.
  • create events with a time and location
  • send them to your contact list or Facebook friends list.
  • Anyone who joins events can set a time to start tracking.
  • Once that time arrives, Mustard will automatically start tracking their location.
  • You can connect your Mustard profile to your Facebook account so that you can log in as quickly and easily as possible.
  • If you prefer not to use your Facebook account simply add an image and your name and that's it.
  • Mustard uses your background GPS to know when and where to start tracking.

Uniqueness: High

Potential of going viral: High

iOS version: 8.0 or later

Android version: 4.1 and up

Google Play Download Link: Mustard
App Store Download Link: Mustard
Official Website: Mustard