Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ElseWatcher-A way towards great photo and location photo based search

What is ElseWatcher?
ElseWatcher is a platform to allow broadcasters, publishers, as well as the public to discover worldwide, new media public content by selecting a specific place and date.

Standout features:

Access to the sharing points of view, and thus catching the real World and interpreting it.

Helps you to visually document events every day, as pictures.

Catch political and historical moments

Easily sharing and accessibility options

Good for article writers and media persons.

ElseWatcher gives you a chance to explore the world by different perspectives.

Easy to login, you can even login with your existing Facebook account and Google+, saving your time to fill the details.

Uniqueness: High

Most relevant user review:
“Perfect For Media and Personal Use. It has made access and sharing of media easy, by organizing images by geographic location and date”

iOS version: Development in progress

Android Version: Development in progress

Official website Link: ElseWatcher