Thursday, November 3, 2016

Money Go – Beautiful Way to Personal Accounting

What is Money Go?

It is a new and intuitive way to personal accounting, an incredible and free Android app for tracking your income and expenses.

Standout features

  • Drag and drop money from one account to another
  • Cloud synchronization (one month trial)
  • Offline (absolutely free)
  • Export to XML (compatible with MS Excel)
  • Notes for each transaction (income/expense)
  • Grouping (multiple level hierarchy)
  • Filters (by date, by text, by amount)
  • Easy-to-use periods (pages)
  • Managing debts
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Widget
  • Sharing on-line files
  • Export to PDF
Uniqueness: High

Potential of going viral: High

Android version: 4.2 and up

Google Play Download Link: Money GO