Thursday, December 8, 2016

Train you spatial vision and attention- HYPNOS!

What is HYPNOS?

HYPNOS is a fast-paced game, which works on the principle of hypnosis. It's a great way to test your brain and enhance your mental health. The game starts with a snake-like creature that you have to pass through different obstacles while remaining focused on the hypnotic path, which is shown in black and white. These obstacles are colored sticks or boxes of any shape and come from any way and you have to move very quickly. The creature moves with the touch of the player.

Standout features:

- Hypnotic fast gameplay

- Unique graphic style

- Simple 1-finger game control

- Play on Black of White side

- Superb endless gameplay with randomly generated levels

Uniqueness: High

Potential of going viral: High

Most relevant user review:
"Love it. Does what I wanted it to accomplish. Take me away from stress and allows me to focus only on what I need and is best for me. I feel so much more relaxed and centered"

iOS version: Requires iOS 6.0 or later

App Store Download Link: HYPNOS!