Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DESERT Monster Truck Freestyle will take you an unforgettable ride in the desert

What is DESERT Monster Truck Freestyle?

At its core this is an ultra-fun monster truck freestyle racing game. As the player, you are set in the desert with a powerful monster truck. You need to get to finish line without ruining your truck and getting it on the ground. Lots of obstacles need to be passed and skills to be used.

Standout features:
- Real desert setting with amazing graphics

- Lovely crafted gameplay with easy controls

- Ultra-challenging

- Appealing physics movement of the truck that will keep you entertained

- Addictive and exciting

Uniqueness: Medium

Potential of going viral: High

Most relevant user review:

"Really good monster truck freestyle game. Loved everything about it from the very start. Truly fun!"

Android Version:
2.3 and up

Google Play Download Link: DESERT Monster Truck Freestyle