Sunday, January 29, 2017

Limbic - Achieve Dreams, Complete Goals is a different type of goal setting app that helps you focus more on your dreams

What is Limbic - Achieve Dreams, Complete Goals?

Limbic - Achieve Dreams, Complete Goals is a nice app for tracking goals and dreams. You can set your goals and this app organizes them. One of the hardest things to overcome about long-term success is the fact that you do not complete the objective immediately. As you do not write a book in one sitting, you do not learn a language after one lesson; your bricks for writing a book would be to write for one hour per day, and that is it and that is how this app actually works by timely notifications and reminders to help you achieve your goal brick by brick.

Standout features:

• Unlimited dreams and goals

• Set recurring notifications

• Easily take or add a photo

• Add notes for complex goals

• Add an end date for each dream

• Keep your achieved dreams

• Intuitive and simple

Uniqueness: Medium

Most relevant user review:
“Great app - it's easy to use and it provides the features and information I need. The goals and progress were always in view and we felt a huge sense of accomplishment for each week we were in the "green" Thank you! ”

App Store Download Link: Limbic - Achieve Dreams, Complete Goals