Sunday, January 29, 2017

TransBox – Secure File Sharing

What is TransBox – Secure File Sharing?

TransBox is new secure file sharing app for sharing your data and is presently available for Android and if you are PC user, you can add an extension for this app to your chrome. TransBox is supposed to be the best and secure platform to share your data because of extra ordinary features it provides which were never being offered before by any app.

Standout features:
· Data Encryption
Providing Boxing (encryption) function for private and business communication such as e-mail, chatting, social media, etc.

· Data Decryption (view permission)
Only permitted users can get Unboxing (decryption) permission of the data. Decrypt data simply!

· Key Request
If users who don't have permission want to unlock Box, they should request a key from you. Key files sharing with simple UI. Get a pre shared key and unlock the box of data.

· Remote destruction
Text, photo and document (upgrade soon) can be destroyed; you can even destroy the data you sent through various channels.

· Data tracking
Providing transferred data tracking function
(data reader, time of data check)

Uniqueness: High

Most relevant user review:

“It is the best app yet now for extra amazing features to protect and manage your personal data.”

Android Version: 4.1 and up

Google Play Download Link: TransBox – Secure File Sharing