Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Videmic the offline video sharing app

What is videmic offline video sharing?
Videmic is new app for video files transfer that does not require any data connection or internet broadband connection it works offline on the principles of peer-to-peer communication. This app uses the Wi-Fi interface of your device and turns your device into a adhoc connection. With this amazing app now, you can watch high quality on your mobile no matter where ever you are either you are travelling by train or you are on the beach.

Standout features:
No internet or broadband connection required it works offline.
Receive videos to your smartphone from music, TV/film, fashion, or sports events, in clubs, and other hotspots.
Distribute you video clips just by matching hast tags.
You can share the teasers of your clips on Facebook and WhatsApp.
It allows you to subscribe the accounts of your favorite stars so that you can receive videos from them even when you are offline.
No video compressions always receive HD quality video clips.
Save your money that you spend on data consumption while transferring your clips.

Uniqueness: High

Most relevant user review:

“Excellent for watching videos offline not only delivering videos of my channels over night, but also via P2P communication when meeting other people with matching hash tags”

iOS version: N/A

Android Version: 4.4 and up

App Store Download Link: N/A

Great new updates come with the new version of Videmic. Now users can add Video recommendations for download. Users can also subscribe to channels of your stars and download their videos for watching them with the Videmic offline video player. It still remains one of the best offline video players.

Google Play Download Link: videmic offline video sharing