Wednesday, February 22, 2017

[mindZense De-stress VR, a virtual reality based app to forget the stresses you got throughout the day]

What is mindZense De-stress VR?

MindZense De-stress VR is an application that lessens your anxiety and tensions, rest better, interface with yourself as well as other people in a more casual manner, and watch your condition with new eyes. It is not just about meditation, it is about associating with the occasion - escaping your dynamic personality and into the present minute. Give us a chance to demonstrate to you best practices to be careful, casual and exhibit while you're strolling down the road, taking a meal break, on your path home from work, get ready for exams or other upsetting occasions, putting the children to bed, making some time for yourself or preparing for a decent night's rest.

Standout features:

• The best music with binaural beats that causes a calming impacts on your ears and take you to the unwind perspective.

• It has a delicate account, to guide you through your session.

• Now your unwind psyche is only 20 minutes from you with this application.

• There are no age limits for utilizing this application neither one of you should have any information about mediation.

• It reflects natural UI.

• It offers a stunning virtual reality state with extraordinary meditation procedures.

Uniqueness: Medium

Most relevant user review:

“Powerful Tool to simple selection of guided mindfulness recordings at a normal price. I am sleeping better and feeling so much more relaxed. The design is beautiful. Love it!”

iOS version: N/A

Android Version: 4.1 and up

App Store Download Link: N/A

Google Play Download Link: mindZense De-stress VR