Thursday, February 2, 2017

Seek Karma is a revolutionary app destined to change the world

What is Seek Karma?

The Seek Karma is an app where volunteer service providers can find additional work around their present location. Moreover, people looking for volunteer service providers in the same area can post for the job for which they need some volunteers. All you have to do is to start using the app is sign up and browse around the services. The app enables you, finding the seekers for volunteers that are immediately available in same local area.

Standout features:

ü You do not have to make extra account either you are seeker for volunteers or a voluntarily work provider you manage both jobs from one account.

ü You can contact the seeker for volunteers directly by texting from the app.

ü The review and rating system that allows you to choose the best seeker.

ü For the first time when you use this app, it gives you 10 points that allows you to instantly post for your first volunteer job.

ü Share the job you liked on your social media accounts with your friends who are willing to provide their services voluntarily.

ü Review your volunteer worker to help others in selecting the right person for their job

Uniqueness: Medium

Most relevant user review:

“Great and time saving app that gives you an opportunity to find the volunteers job professional at one place”

iOS version: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Android Version:

App Store Download Link: Seek Karma

Google Play Download Link: N/A