Thursday, March 23, 2017

Learn & Revise for OSCE exams with the OSCE PASS App

The way people learn and absorb information is changing. Mobile technology and virtual reality are revolutionizing academic learning. This is seen nowhere more prominently than medical education. Medical students are harnessing the power of mobile technologies as they find more efficient ways to process vast amounts of knowledge visually and in a more hands on manner.

If you have an upcoming OSCE exam, you need to revise and practice. We have the perfect help for you, an app called OSCE PASS. Developed by Entremed Ltd, this medical revision trainer is beautifully organized, with multiple useful features, with friendly user interface and it’s currently available on the iOS platform (soon coming for Android users).

With OSCE PASS, now you can take your medical and nursing OSCE revision on the go. It is an all-in-one comprehensive platform that has everything you need to pass your clinical skills exams. The app provides with various medical sections, more than 20 written examination and procedure guides, interactive video demonstrations, timed exams, tailored feedback, etc.

Click the links below and check the app for yourself; I promise you, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

App Store Download Link: OSCE PASS

Official Website: OSCE PASS