Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Numplussed is an amazing new unique puzzle maze game for Android & iOS

What it is Numplussed?

Numplussed is a unique puzzle maze game for iOS & Android, made by Ian Finch (Codeulike Games), a veteran of the 80s/90s BBC/Acorn game scene. Released last week, it quickly gained attention due to its great innovative puzzle maze concept that combines logic, strategy and simple math in hundreds of levels.

Standout features:

1. Unique and simple game mechanic - visit the numbers in the maze to get the right total for the equals sign

2. Intuitive touch-and-drag movement

3. Minimal retro graphics that put the puzzles in the foreground

4. 125 free levels; there are ads but only banner ads. No interstitials and no forcing the player to sit through videos

5. Extra levels available for purchase, including a 'Neverending Tier' level pack that consists of 300,000 procedurally generated levels

Uniqueness: HIGH

Potential of going viral:

Most relevant user review:

“It's a fun game! Definitely makes you think.”

Android Version: 2.3.3 and up

iOS Version: 7.0 or up

Google Play Download Link: Numplussed

App Store Download Link: Numplussed