Friday, April 14, 2017

[Shopping - Grocery Organizer]

What is Shopping - Grocery Organizer?

Shopping - Grocery Organizer is a fantastic app that is an essential grocery list app for multiple reasons. It is, packed with a ton of features that are not useless and you do not have to memorize what seems like fifty gestures to use the app, simply tap an item to cross it off, swipe an item to the left to edit or delete it, and swipe off-screen to navigate between lists. You can add items by manually typing them in.

Standout features:

Time: a well-planned shopping list, updated in real time saves precious minutes and hours at a store

Money: when you know what to buy you are safe from making spontaneous purchases and wasting money. And it also helps you to easily manage your budget and always helps you save few bucks

High spirits: the app assures that you will be happier without the frustration caused by double purchases or forgotten items

QR Code feature: its QR code feature allows you to add products to your shopping lists by means of scanning QR codes.

Uniqueness: Medium

Most relevant user review:

“It is a great app for track my shopping. Can you add a price history and price comparison function? And also make it possible to edit the quantity unit.”

Android Version: 4.0 and up

Google Play Download Link: Shopping - Grocery Organizer