Sunday, April 2, 2017

[Test Your, Shooting and Precision Skills with Panda Bubble Shoot Pet]

What is Panda Bubble Shoot Pet?

Behind the Panda Bubble Shoot Pet, there is a captivating storyline – the cute little Pandas are, taken from their Panda friend by the evil that trapped them inside bubbles. Therefore, your goal is to save the cute little pandas from the evil and return them to their mother. Beat him by matching and popping the bubbles on your screen – match at least three bubbles with the same color in order to pop them and to win the level.

Standout features:

✔ Shoot bubbles and match the same color to blast pop or drop them and rescue the panda's cute friends.
✔ Cute, beautiful and bright graphics as well as stunning effects
✔ Over 100 island levels with uniquely challenging obstacles.
✔ Use powerful boosts to help with challenging levels!
✔ Two game modes: classic and endless bubble pop.

Uniqueness: Medium

Most relevant user review:

“Great app i find this very addictive and i love the strategy of trying to complete each phase. You really feel great as these innocent creatures are set free”

Android Version: 2.3 and up

Google Play Download Link: Panda Bubble Shoot Pet