Sunday, June 11, 2017

ICD Convertor - Convert Diagnostic Codes with an Ease

What is Update for ICD Convertor?

It is a unique iOS medical app and tool that provides with an easy and effective way to organize, search and convert ICD9 codes to ICD10 codes and vice-versa.

Standout features:

·         Intuitive UI and easy-to-use
·         ICD 9 to 10 conversion
·         ICD 10 to 9 conversion
·         Search ICD codes by numeric codes (with or without decimals) or by long description
·         Save ICD9/ICD10 codes as Favorites
·         Save ICD9/ICD10 codes to custom folders
·         Works without Internet connection

Uniqueness: High

iOS Version: iOS 9.0 or later

App Store Download Link: ICD Convertor