Saturday, July 8, 2017

Buying or selling sneakers was never been that easier without Rekure - Showcase Sneaker Collection

What is Rekure - Showcase Sneaker Collection?

Rekure - Showcase Sneaker Collection is a new social kind of app that is dedicated to sneaker industry. This app allows you to identify, organize, and purchase your sneakers. You can list and display your own shoe Pics, friends uploads, and images from the whole sneaker culture. Check out a whole world of shoes, simply organized by brand in this easy-to-use app. Display your sneaker collection like never before! Rekure allows you to show the world why your sneaker collection is like no other.

Standout features:
- Discover other sneaker collections from fellow sneaker enthusiasts in your community and beyond

- Find the best new designer & fashion sneakers in one app

- View your favorite sneaker channels

- Showcase your collection by putting your sneakers on shelves in your beautiful virtual closet

- Organize your real life closet in a virtual space for quick access to what you already own on the go

- Share your sneaker collection with friends


Most relevant user review:

“Powerful Tool to Find the latest trends of sneaker industry and showcasing your collections”

iOS version: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.

App Store Download Link: Rekure - Showcase Sneaker Collection