Friday, July 28, 2017

Kuca Senses a Perfect Game app for Kids Learning and Developing

What is Kuca Senses?

Educational game app for kids called Kuca Senses wich is created for developing children’s senses through entertainment with the lovely monster character Mr. Emiliano. The main purpose of this app is kids to learn the basic five senses of the humans like the taste, smell, touch, hear and see and to understand particular human behavior or reactions in situations.

Standout features:

-Experiment with the five senses!
-Choose one of the six minigames displayed on Emiliano’s tree house.
-Make a wonderfull meal! Drag the ingredients directly into Mr. Emiliano’s mouth and discover which food he likes or dislikes!
- Prepare a delicious sandwich! Create any combination as you want and feed him.
- Pay attention to the picture and play “hide and seek” with Mr. Emiliano.
- Try filling his bathtub with cold and hot water. See the little fish enjoying the water with him.
-Make the bath time funny! Rub Mr. Emiliano with different sponges and look what happens.
- Discover all the musical instruments hiding on the screen. Dance along with Mr. Emiliano and his musician friends!
- Create a perfume for the monster using the different ingredients displayed on the screen.
-Watch the photo gallery of Mr. Emiliano, what are the differences between them?
-Identify the monster feelings during the game, look how his horns change of color
-No time limits or high scores
-Language neutral gameplay without verbal or written directions
-Eye-catching, colorful graphics
-Lively music and delightful sound effects
- Dozens of richly nuanced reactions & emotions expressed through sounds & body language.
-No in app Purchases
-No third party advertisement

Uniqueness: High

Potential of going viral: Medium

Most Relevant User Review:

“I use it with my kids. Lovely!”

Android Version: 4.1 and up

Google Play Download Link: Kuca Senses

App Store Download Link: Kuca Senses

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