Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Make me yellow is set of puzzling situations that you always wanted for your smartphones

What is Make me yellow?

Make me yellow is an exciting and mind blowing puzzle gaming collection recently developed. It is the game that will offer you the best brain exercise by its offered puzzling levels that comes from the genres like, different logic, include reaction, control, math, physics, scale, coloring(red blue yellow) etc. However, this game is an exception. It will hook you up and keep you playing for an unlimited time, determined to complete each level. One of the reasons that this puzzle game is top-notch is its simplicity.

Standout features: 

It offers captivating challenges and stunning gameplay
The minimal colors and types of challenges will make you love this game.
Dozens of fun revealing levels
Share this game with your friend and family
Simple and easy to use controls
If you are stuck at any point, it offers hint feature too.

Uniqueness: Medium

Most relevant user review:

“Awesome! It has so great. Nice logic design. Love it a nice puzzle game.”

Android Version: 3.0 and up

Google Play Download Link: Make me yellow

App Store Download Link: Make Me Yellow