Wednesday, July 26, 2017

No Snooze A - Alarm Clock with Classic Music Songs

What is No Snooze A?

No Snooze A is an amazing alarm clock with classic music songs that are carefully designed for inspiring mornings and for the cheerful start of the days. The great thing about this app is that you can’t postpone your waking up because there isn’t option for a snooze, so either wake up or turn it off. It will build a great discipline for those who always late.

Standout features:

-Music songs clipped to themes and moods as alarms
- 24 different themes
- 1 free alarm and 1 to 3 pro songs
- Only 1.99 monetization for all songs and removed adds
- Anti-snooze alarm
- For phones and tablets

Uniqueness: Medium

Potential of going viral: Medium

Most Relevant User Review:

“Very easy to use, and a FANTASTIC music selection. The pro version is definitely worth it.”

Android Version: 4.0 and up

Google Play Download Link: No Snooze A