Tuesday, July 18, 2017

[Ultra challenging and addictive puzzle game called Swipe Codebreaker]

What is Life Hacks?
It’s a mobile lock screen alike, addictive and hypnotizing puzzle game called Swipe Codebreaker that mesmerizes with the simplicity of the beautiful black background with white lines and dots on it. It’s different, it’s simple, addictive and challenges your mind skills. Great combination of an Mastermind and mobile device pattern lock game, will put you in hours of amazing game play and make you lose the sense of time for a while.

Standout features:

- Simple and charming black background

- Mobile lock screen gaming

- Challenging pattern to play

-Thousands of combinations patterns

- Practice level

-Challenging level

-Countdown level

- Test and improves your brain skills

- Free to download on Google Play Store


Most relevant user review:

“Great and addictive game. Love the whole point of the game that challenges me to score more and more combinations of patters in a minute. This game is pure fun!”

Android Version: 4.0. and up

Google Play Download Link: Swipe Codebreaker