Thursday, August 17, 2017

Galaxy Space Simulator 3D Pro: Gravity Orbits – Play Around with Suns, Planets & Moons

What is Galaxy Space Simulator 3D Pro: Gravity Orbits?
·         It is a free Android simulation app and an addictive physics sandbox simulator, perfect for anyone who wants to have fun by playing around with stars, planets and moons, and to observe the gravity forces between them.
Standout features:
● Easy build complete galaxy with stars, orbiting planets, moons and even whole asteroids clouds in this space simulator sandbox.
● Share your solar systems online and gather inspiration from shared online galaxies. Not sure what to look for? Search for a random solar system!
● Select a planet and follow it on it's path through your own solar system!
● Promote your awesome galaxy in the social media.
● Change planet's appearance to ensure your solar system or galaxy is most beautiful.
● You can view saved solar systems and galaxies from other players and store them locally, extend them and upload them back via the open space sandbox editor.
● Unlimited space sandbox simulator area! The gravitational interactions continue to work for all planets, suns and moons, no matter where are they in the galaxy and if they are currently displayed.
● Adjustable 3D view with simple controls.
● Online save and load so you never loose your galaxy or solar systems.
● Real physics simulator with pure gravity interactions between planets, moons, stars and asteroids.
● Precise space sandbox N-body physics gravity algorithm!
● Easy to follow tutorial explaining in details each and every option in the space sandbox simulator.
● Adding planets in 3D mode.
● 3D view of each and every galaxy!
● Easy switch between 2D and 3D views when adding new planets, stars and asteroids.
● Open sandbox, zoom in and out, freely move the visible area as pleased.
● Beautiful space backgrounds - you can choose between several 3D space wallpapers.
● Simple creation one or more planetary rings and asteroids clouds orbiting a star.
● Planet collisions merge planet mass by following precise physics models.
● Planet color, size and gravity depend on planet mass, several predefined planet and star types available in the sandbox.
● Add whole asteroid clouds at once and observe the gravity interactions between hundreds of randomly placed meteors.
● Easy creation of moons in orbit of a planet.
● Several options to remove planets and stars: remove a single planet by selecting it, remove all planets at once or remove just the planets, that are not visible at the moment.
● Easy zoom to all planets, moons and stars, no matter where they are in space.
● Simple viewpoint navigation to the star or planet with the largest mass.
● Easy planetary drifts reduction, very useful for creating static systems, that do not drift away from the visible area.
● Visible orbital traces for all planets, moons and stars to observe the amazing gravity forces patterns.
● Adjust the galaxy speed as you like it most.
● Save and load your galaxy online. Saved galaxy preserves all gravity interactions, 3D position, star and planets orbits.
● Completely free for download and free to play!
● Multiple 3D textures for the planets, moons and stars.
● 3D planet traces within the whole solar system.
● Adjustable asteroid cloud sizes.
● Adjustable asteroid cloud random distribution.
● Background music and sound effects controls.
● Pause the space simulator sandbox any time or resume from just where you were.
Uniqueness: High
Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up