Thursday, September 14, 2017

Draw Tracks & Routes & Get Details with GPX Viewer PRO

What is GPX Viewer PRO?

·         It is an Android navigation app for drawing tracks, routes, and waypoints, and getting details about them.

Standout Features:

·         Draw tracks, routes, and waypoints from gpx, kml, kmz and loc files.
·         Supports online maps like Google Maps, HERE, Mapbox and OpenStreetMap.
·         Provides detailed information and statistics about routes, tracks and waypoints.
·         Change colors of tracks and routes or images on waypoints
·         Shows graphs of track data
·         Supports coloring of track and route line
·         Integrates with OpenWeatherMap
·         Shows current GPS positions and WMS maps
·         File browser for opening single or multiple files
·         Only 6.01$

Uniqueness: High

Android version: 4.0.3 and up

Google Play Download Link: GPX Viewer PRO