Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SwapMe – Powerful Face Swap App

What is SwapMe?
·         SwapMe is a powerful photorealistic face swap app created for all iOS users. It offers 100% of automatic face swapping and it is capable to preserve the face expressions. The app is designed with high-quality graphics and endless entertainment.
Standout features:
·         Photorealistic face swapping
·         100% automatic
·         Capable of preserving the face expression
·         Adapts the light in the target face to blend photorealistically the source face
·         Used as a showcase of the capabilities of the FacioMetrics technology
·         Low and high fidelity wireframing app design
·         Uses 3rd party libraries like: GUIImage, DBCamera and OpenCV
·         Simple and easy to use
·         Soon to be bought by Facebook
·         Free for download
·         For iPhone and iPad
Uniqueness: High

App Store Download Link: SwapMe