Friday, December 1, 2017

Ariv – An Innovative Ride-Sharing Service

What is Ariv?
·         Ariv is an innovative ride-sharing solution created for both drivers and riders. It is a subscription based app that’s created to alleviate many of the issues faced by drivers and to provide the riders with significant benefits at the same time.
Standout features:
·         A revolutionary ride-sharing service
·         Perfect for both riders and drivers
·         Subscription-based platform
·         No more surge prices
·         Monthly and weekly subscriptions
·         Professional and experienced drivers
·         100% commission fare on each ride
·         Make your own schedule
·         Make big profit
·         See how much you made per trip and your tips
·         Signup for free
·         Excellent vehicles
·         Soon to be released on Android platform
Uniqueness: High
iOS version: 8.1 or later
Official Website Link: Ariv

App Store Download Link: Ariv (Riders)

App Store Download Link: Ariv (Drivers)

Google Play Download Link: ARIV RideShare

Google Play Download Link: ARIV (Partner)