Friday, October 20, 2017

GrahamMe – Where the Scholarship Challenge Begins

What is GrahamMe?
·         GrahamMe is a free revolutionary and innovative app where users have the opportunity to win one scholarship for themselves or for their friends and family every 15 days.
Standout features:
·         Intuitive and easy to use
·         A fun and innovative way of earning scholarships
·         Invite friends & family to play
·         A user's rank is based on their points/trophies
·         Opportunity to win every 15 days
·         Submit a Graham (gift) and let users share their phrase
·         Choose the best fitting phrase and send the user to Top Challenge and Graham Lounge
·         Submit phrases, earn tokens and have yourself rated
·         Chat with all users in that round
·         Free to use
Uniqueness: High
iOS version: 9.0 or later

App Store Download Link: GrahamMe