Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bit Bullet – Fast-Paced & Action-Packed Shooter Game

What is Bit Bullet?

·         Bit Bullet is an exciting action game that offers a great singe player shooter experience to both veteran players and beginners, presented with impressive HD graphics (on Unreal Engine 4) and realistic physics of explosions and destruction that bring the chaos on your screen to a whole new level.

Standout Features:

·         A single player top-down shooter
·         Escalating difficulty levels and complicated enemies
·         Blow up and crush hordes of weaponized robots
·         Various powerful weapons, items and skills
·         Vivid HD graphics on Unreal Engine 4
·         Realistic physics of explosions and destruction
·         The physics of destroying your enemies will leave a lasting impression
·         Easy to use, which doesn’t diminish the intricacy of the gameplay
·         3 Difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard
·         Various maps and levels to play through

Uniqueness: High

Minimum Requirements: OS Windows 7

Steam Download Link: Bit Bullet