Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Connect and share your deepest secrets with online community via Secret Confession app

What is Secret Confession app?
The Secret Confessions app gives you the chance to tell your deepest or embarrassing secrets in front of thousands of people around the world, reply or make a comment to another member with a possibility to stay anonymous in the whole process. As we try this quite interesting social app, we must admire that it could be a life-changing experience and your perspective on life and people. That’s why we are recommending here for all of you who are looking for an “exhaust valve” to refresh your mind and heart.

Standout Features:

· a social networking app

· secret confession online community

· express, share, reply or comment to confession of another member

· 1 month subscription: $ 5.99

· 6 months subscription: $ 14.99

· 12 months subscription: $ 19.99

· Write with your identity or hide it anonymously

· Not available for under 17 years of age members

· Available on App Store

Uniqueness: Medium

Requires: IOS 10.3 or later

Compatibility: IOS devices

App Store Download Link: Secret Confession