Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Minimi Pro Wallpaper app for Android Users

What is Minimi Pro Wallpaper App?

Minimi Pro Wallpapers is a wall paper app that will blow up your mind with quite cool, stunning and minimalist design, original artworks and illustrations, that will surely satisfy and the expectations of the ones with the refined taste.

Standout Features:

- Unique hd wallpapers with stunning design
- Original art and illustrations
- Designer attribution so you can follow more of their work
- Cloud based (light in size)
- Easily download any wallpaper on your phone
- Categories of wallpapers (new categories frequently added)
- free wall paper app
- Minimalist designs
- HD background
- Wallpaper changer
- add to favorites
- app on the spotlight
- Photo wall
- unlocks exclusive and attractive walls

Uniqueness: High

Requires: Android 4.0 and up

Compatibility: Android

Google Play Download Link: Minimi Pro Wallpapers

Google Play Download Link: Minimi Pro Wallpapers