Thursday, December 7, 2017

Look for the Best Deals & Promotions in Your Local Area with StreetAway

What is StreetAway?

  • ·         StreetAway is a free cross-platform app for exploring your local area and finding the best deals.

Standout Features:

  • ·         Location-based map interface to find money-saving opportunities in real time
  • ·         Reserve the offer from within the app
  • ·         The venue will receive you reservation and will be expecting you
  • ·         Easily pay through the app when you're done
  • ·         Read reviews or write your review and share it for others
  • ·         2 types of bookings
  • ·         Live Reservations are instant bookings
  • ·         Vouchers are bought immediately and can be redeemed at the times valid for a particular offer
  • ·         Easy to use
  • ·         Free for download

Uniqueness: High

Android version: 4.1 and up

iOS version: 8.0 or later

Official Website: StreetAway

Google Play Download Link: StreetAway

App Store Download Link: StreetAway