Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Clip, Remix, Share & Discover - ProjectionsIO

What is ProjectionsIO?
·         ProjectionsIO is new video clipping social app which will help anyone capture, edit and share the best moments form their favorite streaming media content.
Standout Features:
·         Remote Control - Control stream’s playback on your phone.
·         Cut & Remix your clips - Let the whole world see your creativity.
·         Share Seamlessly -Share your clips on social media.
·         Share, Relate & Connect - Discover clips shared by other fans.
·         Supports clipping on Netflix, YoutubeTV & Gaming, Hulu, HBO, Twitch & more!
·         FREE to download & use!
Uniqueness: High
Compatibility: iOS; Google Chrome;
Chrome Web Store download link: ProjectionsIO
App Store download link: ProjectionsIO