Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Change Your Life with Positvt App and Inspire Others

What is Positvt App?

It's positive thoughts app, great supporter and motivator to take control of your life and stay on the track to build your life in positive, happier and healthier direction. Especially, this is a tracker and journal app that will remind you of the brighter aspects of life that we are forgetting in this fast and stressful era that we are living in.

Standout Features:
- A positive psychology application

- Perfect support to beat depression and negative thinking patterns

- Tracker and journaling application

- Stimulate the positive thinking and focus

- Helpful for creating healthier, happier and successful life

- 6 parameters to measure the daily progress

- Option to export your daily progress graphically and shared on social media

- Available for Android and IOS users

Uniqueness: High

Requires: Android 4.0.3 and up, IOS 10.3 or later

Compatibility: Android, IOS

Google Play Download Link: Positvt

App Store Download Link: Positvt

Official Website: Positvt