Friday, April 6, 2018

Perfec – Everything You Like At Your Fingertips

What is Perfec?

·         Perfec is an awesome cross-platform tool for finding locations, products, services and other interesting places to visit or things to do.

Standout features:

·         Easy & simple to use
·         Helpful personal referral service
·         Save a product, service or location you’ve enjoyed
·         Reach the saved info whenever you need it
·         Let others have access to your gallery of recommendations
·         Find in common or popular places between the groups you wish to hang out with
·         Auto-recommendation
·         Check-out the favorites of your friends
·         Plan activities & invite others to join you
·         Win prizes & free items
·         Totally FREE to use

Uniqueness: High

Android version: 4.3 and up

iOS version: 9.1 or later

Official Website Link: Perfec

App Store Download Link: Perfec

Google Play Download Link: Perfec