Thursday, May 17, 2018

Use Filters & Objects to Design Photos & Share Your Designs with monUnique

What is monUnique?

·         monUnique is a powerful cross-platform design tool for creating multiple designs from a specific image using a patented process offered.

Standout Features:

·         Easy to use
·         Create multiple designs from a particular image easily
·         Click or select a photograph and apply the design filter
·         Multiple design filters offered
·         3 modules available
·         Add various design objects from one or more design filters
·         Apply various transformations to the design
·         Change different properties of a design object
·         Supports text objects of various fonts
·         Three modes offered
·         Edit designs or create designs from scratch
·         Save the photo in a gallery or share it on social media
·         Free download

Uniqueness: High

iOS version: 8.0 or later

Android version: 4.0 and up

Official Website: monUnique

App Store Download Link: monUnique

Google Play Download Link: monUnique