Thursday, August 16, 2018

Enjoy & Relax Your Mind & Body by Taking Care of Your Chakras with Chakra Chi

What is Chakra Chi?

·         Chakra Chi is an amazing chakra therapy app for energy, meditation and self-reflection with capturing the color and sound frequencies of each chakra. 

Standout Features:

·         Easy to use
·         Chakras receive and transmit subtle energy
·         Captures corresponding color and sound frequencies of each chakra
·         Choose any of the 7 chakras
·         Chakra symbols in a rich background of color and relaxing tones
·         Information on each chakra with additional details
·         Solfeggio frequency as core sound of creation and chakra color

Uniqueness: High

Compatibility: iOS 10.4 or later

App Store Download Link: Chakra Chi