Saturday, September 15, 2018

Track the Fitness Progress of Your Clients & Notify Clients of the Activities with Fitness Client Pro

What is Fitness Client Pro?

  • Fitness Client Pro is an amazing iOS fitness app for personal trainers, wellness coaches, nutritionists and exercise group instructors to safely manage and secure all their client data in one place.

Standout Features:

·        Promote and market yourself with a free public profile listing
·        Create and customize session packages to assign to clients
·        Book, cancel or reschedule client session appointments
·        Fill out or allow clients access to fill out and digitally sign their own par-q and health history forms
·         Set daily water intake, steps and caloric intake goals for each client
·        Log workouts, meals, body measurements, fitness tests and more into client journals
·        Take or upload client before and after photos from 4 different angles
·        Track client physical progress with fitness assessment charts and reports
·        View business details such as; session usage, sales and earnings reports
·        Keep clients engaged and connected with live in-app chats and activity notifications
·        Clients can use the app as well for booking, rescheduling and managing their workouts
·        Notifications for the clients to stay engaged and connected with the live in-app
·        Free for download 

Uniqueness: High 

Compatibility: iOS 10.3 or later 

Official Website: Fitness Client Pro

App Store Download Link: Fitness Client Pro