Tuesday, October 16, 2018

AppBlock - Stay Focused – Self-Control Tool for Blocking Distracting Apps

What is AppBlock - Stay Focused?

·        AppBlock - Stay Focused is an amazing Android app that helps you to block distracting apps temporarily on your device so that you can stay focused in school or at work.

Standout features:

·        Block application launch: be choosy and selective about app launch,
·        Select how long you want to spend in a particular application per day when a profile is active. No more than 15 minutes of Facebook in school or during working hours,
·        Disable notifications from particular application: you can avoid unwanted communications,
·        Create profiles with rules for groups of particular applications: you can impose restrictions of public profile,
·        Use a timer and activate profiles for a selected time window,
·        Protect your AppBlock application with a PIN code: it will enhance your security protocol and privacy configurations on your device,
·        Boost your productivity
·        List of blocked notifications, so you don't miss anything
·        Profile lock (unlock only when phone is connected to charger)
·        Strict Mode

Uniqueness: High

Android version: 4.0.3 and up

Google Play Download Link: AppBlock - Stay Focused

Official Website Link: AppBlock - Stay Focused