Saturday, October 20, 2018

cryptoBox – Get High Levels of Privacy & Security

What is cryptoBox?

·         cryptoBox is a powerful iOS app that has the ability to safeguard and protect your personal data and information, to protect against hackers and data theft. The app is perfect for for military members, spies, detectives, analysts, investigators, celebrities, diplomats, lawyers, financial officers, fortune 100 business founders, etc.

Standout features:

·         Offline access for all your data
·         Phone and tablet support (split screen view on iPad)
·         Compress your videos and save up to 80% of storage space!
·         Playback AES256 encrypted videos instantly
·         Store unlimited amount of data
·         Take photos or videos directly in cryptoBox with the integrated camera
·         Share any single document, audio recording, or other file from cryptoBox
·         Playback audio in background with the screen turned off
·         Export multiple pictures and videos from cryptoBox as you need
·         Sync between devices through WiFi
·         Create folders and set cover photos with unlimited flexibility
·         Organized folders by dragging up/down in priority using long press
·         Full-screen viewing for photos and videos
·         Rotate and zoom features
·         Clean and simple interface with user guidance
·         Print PDF or photos
·         Your files and AES-256 encryption keys are highly secure and are kept local only
·         Create multiple accounts, giving you control over who sees what
·         Transfer files between multiple accounts using unique crypto keys for re-encryption
·         Protect against hackers and data theft
·         Instantly secure information with a simple touch
·         Backup / restore encrypted account data through iTunes
·         Accidentally deleted photos that you want to keep? Trash recovery allows you to get deleted items back
·         Encrypt with AES-256 and PBKDF2 technology
·         Zero-Knowledge security architecture – only YOU have the ability to decrypt your info
·         All data between cryptoBox and your device is sent over HTTPS only
·         Passwords are encrypted multiple times for highest security
·         24/7 monitoring of all our systems from multiple continents

Uniqueness: High

iOS version: 9.1 or later

 Official Website: cryptoBox

App Store Download Link: cryptoBox