Friday, October 26, 2018

Help Your Kid Focus & Learn Words in Hindi & Gujarati Languages with KidsLipi

What is KidsLipi?

  • KidsLipi is an amazing cross-platform educational app for learning the basics of Hindi and Gujarati languages with kids-friendly illustrations and clear audio pronunciation.

Standout Features:

·         Easy to use and helpful educational app
·         Simple design and easy navigation
·         Learn the basics of Hindi and Gujarati languages
·         Kids friendly illustrations
·         Clear audio pronunciation in each language
·         Multiple languages
·         Over 20 activities
·         20+ categories and 200+ words
·         Non-native speakers can read the words in English
·         Color and shapes available for in-app purchase
·         7 days free trial

Uniqueness: High

iOS version: 9.3 or later

Android version: 5.0 and up

Official Website: KidsLipi

App Store Download Link: KidsLipi

Google Play Download Link: KidsLipi