Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Mindbliss - Meditate & Build a Happier & Healthier Mental State

What is Mindbliss?

  • Mindbliss is a cross-platform meditation app to meditate through mindfulness breathing exercises and guided meditation sessions and learn to overcome stress, anxiety, and grief through positive affirmations and confidence boosters.

Standout Features:

·         Hundreds of meditations designed from the best teachers
·         Curated sessions to reduce anxiety and better sleep
·         Save sessions for offline listening
·         Track your progress
·         Choose your favorite meditation tools from seven different categories
·         A highly intelligent algorithm to help you discover sessions and journeys
·         Guided meditation exercises to build self-esteem, self-confidence and better perspective
·         Advanced brain entrainment technology
·         Sophisticated breathing exercises and visualization exercises
·         A vast library of relaxation music and sounds.
·         3D nature soundscapes and positive affirmations
·         Hypnotherapy to overcome anxiety and gain control over subconscious fears
·         Loving Kindness Meditation or Metta Meditation
·         Mantra Meditation
·         Free for download, with some in-app purchases

Uniqueness: High

iOS version: 10.3 or later

Android version: 4.4 and up

App Store Download Link: Mindbliss

Google Play Download Link: Mindbliss