Monday, May 20, 2019

Get What You Are Owed for Flight Delays and Cancelations with Colibra: Instant Flight Delay Compensation

What is Colibra: Instant Flight Delay Compensation?

A travel app that provides you with the chance to get instant flight delay compensations directly on your phone. Also, can be used as a board pass wallet.

Standout Features:

·       Reliable and easy to use
·        Clean user-friendly interface
·        Get instant flight delay compensations
·        Compensations from 20-100 euro for a 3+ air flight delay
·        Compensate big delays with up to 600 euros
·        Enter your flight details like the flight id and boarding pass
·        No need to pay anything yourself to get the compensation payment
·        No need to file and process claims for delayed and postponed flights
·        Get your coverage and payments directly on your phone
·        Free for download

Uniqueness: High

Compatibility: IOS 11 or later ; Android 5.0 or later

Google Play Download Link: Colibra
App Store Download Link: Colibra