Monday, October 14, 2019

Create Custom Stickers or Choose from 1000+ Stickers with StackStore – the New Android Wasticker App

Whatsapp stickers are a way of communication. There is so much you can say by using 1 simple sticker. It’s a great reaction tool too. However, there are numerous sticker apps to choose from, many of them may lose your time and offer you low-quality stickers. That’s why today we will talk about a wasticker app that offers tons of high-quality sticker packs and the ability to create your own stickers. We are talking about StackStore.

StackStore Intro

StackStore is a new Android app in the wasticker apps niche. It offers users a large selection of sticker packs in different categories and serves as a sticker creator tool.

Large selection of great stickers

The simple and intuitive main menu will guide you to the huge collection of StackStore’s unique stickers. There is something for everyone, and for different chat types. For example, you can find romantic sticker packs to use them with your partner or funny stickers to use them with your friends.
Once you find a specific sticker pack you like, you can add it with a simple tap. And if a friend or family member asks for the stickers, you can share them from the app so they can use them too.

Personal sticker creator

If you are all about creating your own stickers with you and friends/family/partner, you can use StackStore’s custom sticker creator tool. Simply add any desired photo and use the basic tools this app offers you. Then you can again add the sticker simply to your whatsapp account.
Try it for free on Google Play if you use Whatsapp as your social media and messaging app.

Google Play Download Link: StackStore