Thursday, December 19, 2019

Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner is a Helpful Tool for Whatsapp Users

Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging application in the world. But it lacks some basic features which the daily whatsapp users badly need. The tool we will talk about today - Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner enables 2 of the most needed features for whatsapp users. Let’s see how you can make use of it.

Basic intro

This simple whatsapp help tool will easily allow you to add multiple accounts or use whatsapp on multiple devices, as well as help you save statuses.

Save Statuses or Use Whtasapp on Web

Unlike similar apps we reviewed before, this app is very simple. Sol to do so you need to scan the QR code on the devices you want to use it. This opens tons of uses for whatsapp, including usage on web and usage to control your kids daily messaging.

Since Whatsapp doesn’t provide the functionality of saving statuses, you can use this app to get any image or video status on your phone. Again, the simple UI will allow you to do it in seconds, and you can view or use the statuses anytime you want.

If you found this tool handy, you may try it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner